Tuesday, August 31, 2004

And so it begins...

My first post on my own blog.

I've been somewhat of a silent partner on Pundit Filter ("silent" as in not explicitly linked and named on the side bar...)

But now I am forced to finally go out on my own, belatedly following the suggestions of friends both in and out of the blogosphere.

What motivated me to start?
Well, I have a theory, and based on that theory, I am starting a little project.

My theory is that there are some decided un-decided voters out there who are planning to vote for Kerry and I don't think they really want to do so.

Don't get me wrong, these aren't the people who want to vote for Kerry because they know everything he stands for...or has stood for at some time in the last week. No no, these are people who would support the president IF they realized that it is actually President Bush who more closely represents their views and ideals.

To this end, my project is to make a worksheet for these folks to help convince them that they should vote for President Bush instead of John Kerry. The "worksheet" would ask a question about what someone thinks about a certain issue and then reveal that President Bush most agrees with that issue.

I've already been working on this, but I could use some help.

Are there any facts that you know about that most voters do not know about, which would sway a voter to think more seriously about Bush?

Is there a widespread fallacy, present mostly in the mainstream media, that, if corrected by knowledge, would send a voter in the President's direction?

I would appreciate any ideas that may be out there. I'll be posting some example questions soon.

Thank you!! :)