Monday, October 25, 2004

Long day at the HQ

President Bush is coming to the Youngstown Airport on Wednesday. I stopped by the Mahoning County Republican Headquarters this afternoon to see what the ticket situation was. The place was a mad house. I was not there for 2 minutes before I started answering a randomly ringing phone and running around trying to find answers. I've done a lot of work there in the past few weeks, so from that point on, I went right to work, making calls, answering phones, and entering database information. I also signed up to volunteer at the event on Wednesday, so I will be able to give a first hand account :)

I only just got home a little bit ago, but at the end of the night, I had the happiness of knowing that a lot of great Bush supporters signed up to volunteer for the 72 hours task force. I also had a great new hat - Bush/Cheney with the Ohio State Flag.
woo-hoo :)

Go Bush!!