Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Yes, that's it exactly!

Drew seems to have ripped some thoughts out of my mind and posted them at Darn Floor. Really. This is exactly what I say all the time. I'm not concerned about the possibility of thought-theft here, I mostly just think it's cool that I know for sure now that I'm not the only one holding this view:
I did see the original "Shrek," and with all the adulation heaped upon it I thought I might be the only one who hated it. All poop and fart jokes and double entendres. No thanks. It bugs me when Hollywood creates a movie designed to appeal to pre-teen kids, and then fills it with adolescent- to adult-level vulgarities. Mixed messages? You bet.

I've felt this way about Shrek for years, but I always thought that maybe I had a skewed view of it. I thought this because the first time I saw the movie, I watched it with two toddlers for whom I was babysitting. Their family owned the movie and the kids wanted to watch it. Never having seen it and seeing that it was a cartoon that had been on kids cereal boxes for months...I figured it was ok.

Ick. I wanted to stop it half way through, and ended up engaging the kids in a game while the movie was on because I knew they had seen the movie before and I didn't want to speak badly against the parents who had purchased this movie for their children.

I've had a bad opinion of the movie ever since. I actually have more of a distaste for it than I have to shows like the Simpsons or South Park, because those shows don't pretend to be for toddlers by such things as plastering their images on the sides of Happy Meals.