Monday, December 29, 2008

The search for better...

From Michael Ledeen:

This is the hallmark of the civilized man, constantly questioning the reasons for his behavior, wondering if there is a better way, searching for that better way, putting himself in the position of “the other,” trying to understand it all.

Ah... indeed! Indeed!
And it is a part of being a Christian as well, right?
Trying to understand and to do better, to grow, to improve, to strive....

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Honoring Life...

During college, the priest of the Catholic Student Center used to pray that people would support the honoring of life in all all ways. I recently came across this two statemens. The first hits home for me as we think about celebrating the birth of a baby who was, at first, in some ways, by some people, surely unwanted and unexpected. And the second as we pray for all the brave soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and others in the service of our country who will be away from their families this Christmas.

First, no one can honestly believe that killing a baby in the womb is a matter of privacy. Either you are totally devoid of any knowledge of biology and the U.S. Constitution, or you are dishonest in your application of whatever knowledge you have.

Second, while one can honestly disagree with how we deal with terrorism — ignore it, lawyer it, excuse it, combat it, isolate it or condone it, one cannot intellectually justify turning that disagreement into an impeachable offense.