Thursday, September 23, 2004

Again with Ohio

After reading my lament about Kerry's refusal to vacate Ohio, the Ranger asked me if I thought he would come back before November.
"Uh, he's here now. That speech he gave this morning was from Columbus"
"You're kidding?!"
Nope. He's here now. I don't know when he's leaving, but I have recieved an interesting theory:
Has John Kerry moved to Ohio? He's been there for several months, right? What are the laws there? Can he stay long enough to establish Ohio residency and cast his vote for Team Kerry in a crucial swing state?

I have no idea about the law, but I think that he probably has enough "days in residence" built up.
The email goes on to express concern for Kerry:
I hope the senator doesn't become too depressed living in a state that he essentially describes as a third world jobless wasteland.

And, on the subject the continued subject of inauthenticity, Fraters has posted some "Forged Memos We'd like to see on CBS News". Ha.

UPDATE: The Ranger wants it to be known that he knew that Kerry would be back and he asked the above question sarcastically, for those who wouldn't automatically assume that he was well aware of Kerry's fondness for the Buckeye state.