Monday, September 20, 2004

"Blogging" author implicity bashes blogosphere

Barbara O'Brien, author of "Blogging America" was just on Keith Olbermann. She's plugging her book, but she's also down on the blogosphere. She didn't shoot down Keith's idea that the furor in the blogosphere "originated" by Buckhead on Freerepublic was some sort of pipeline from the White house...or...something. I don't know, it wasn't really clear, they admitted it was some "alternative conspiracy theory" relating to the White House setting up CBS. Unbelievable. But the line of information that Ms. O'Brien gave was Buckhead to Drudge to "Major News Media."

She then said that she questioned Buckhead's arguments and people complained to her about it and (here's the victim card) she was forced to shut down her site. Now I am totally against leaving mean comments using anger or profanity or anything like that on someone's site, but Ms. O'Brien has left out something important. By leaving out the important blogs like Powerline and Little Green Footballs, she leaves the impression that it's only "anonymous" bloggers that are out writing about this and that their arguments may be skeptical. And in fact, Keith's closing line related to people "using their real names."

Now this is notable because we've all been around and around about the authenticity and credentials of Scott Johnson and John Hinderaker at Powerline (in fact, they've written two columns in the New York Post today with Edward Morrissey, the blogger from Captain's Quarters. You can read them here and here.) and Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs.
But I think there's an additional, stranger, point: Why is MSNBC interviewing people skeptical of the documents on the same day that CBS finally caves and admits the forgery??

Is Keith now going back to the old guard idea and trying to salvage some Bush beating out of this afterall??

UPDATE: Instapundit has some good obervations about "clueless" Keith O. on MSNBC tonight.

UPDATE 2: Mike from and RedState.orgwas called a "Shadowy Republican Operative" by Keith O and says MSNBC never contacted him about the story.
This is from the email he sent to Keith O. about the story:
I missed it, but I understand you used the "shadowy republican operative" line again. Phooey. launched five days AFTER the 60 Minutes broadcast. Not only that - the WHOIS registry was clear as a bell.
[D]escribing a website as anonymous without checking the registry isn't like claiming someone's hiding a phone number by making it unlisted, it's like making that complaint WITHOUT OPENING THE PHONE BOOK.

That is a great point. This is amazingly irresponsible of Keith considering that this whole story started because of a lack of research by CBS!!

But Keith is clueless after all...

UPDATE 3: Jeremy (who is actually in Ms. O'Brien's book) on the effects of discussing Drudge "non-roll" in breaking the story:
"to mention that name is to sprinkle magic anti-credibility dust over a story"