Monday, September 20, 2004

Would you rather....?

No, this has nothing to do with Dan Rather.
It's a lot more fun, interesting and, perhaps, accurate than that.
Saturday night's Fox News Watch wondered if we had too many polls and asked if you would rather watch the leaves change color than go vote. The data to cause the question? The TNS Marketing group reports the following:
54% of americans are excited about the leaves changing this fall
48% are excited about the upcoming Presidential election.

There may be a lot of polls, but considering that most polls poll less than 1000 "likely" voters, I think you need a lot of them because one on its own seems to not check with enough people.

And even with all these polls, I've only been polled once in my life - and I think it was by the Ohio DNC. Come on, call me again, I'm ready for you.

(ps: to those of you who might have seen the broadcast I say this: "How did MSNBC's Keith O. beat CNN's Anderson Cooper??" Enough said.)