Thursday, September 16, 2004

AP is still Antagonizing, but Jonah Goldberg is my Hero

Yes yes, the AP is at it again:
A former Texas Air National Guard official who served at the same time as President Bush says he believes the bigger story about gaps in Bush's service is being overlooked in disputes over the validity of certain Guard documents.

This is basically what Dan Rather said that other night that the larger "thrust" of the story on 60 minutes has not been questioned. Have they been keeping Rather sequestered during all the minutes when he's not on TV or talking to the press?? How can he not know that those issues are being addressed, that the reason that those issues even exist is because of those "documents" and if the docs are fake then the story falls apart? Even the most Liberal Fox All-Star, Juan Williams ceded that point today. And still, Rather forges ahead thinking that the President did something somewhere and by golly he's gonna find it.

Meanwhile, Jonah Goldberg rejected this attempt by the Left to get back "on message" in an incredibly amusing way that gets extra points for linking it to Indiana Jones.