Wednesday, September 15, 2004

And now, for some funny...

Scrappleface cracks me up, but I'm a fan of satire.
His latest article:Dan Rather: 'I Flat Out Lied' About Bush Memos
CBS News reporter Dan Rather, with characteristic candor and objectivity, told his Evening News audience tonight, "I flat out lied" about the authenticity of memos which seem to show George W. Bush tried to evade service in the Air National Guard in the early 1970s.

"People have placed their trust in my words for four decades," said Mr. Rather. "With that kind of credibility, I never thought anyone would question the memos. I figured by the time the news broke, President Kerry would have named me as White House spokesman."

Mr. Rather added, "In light of the revelation that I lied through my teeth to the American public, I am announcing my retirement so I can devote full time to writing my memoir."

Random House has already offered the veteran newsman an $8 million advance for the book, according to photocopies of a memo distributed by Mr. Rather.


[Oh, that's the whole thing. I posted it here because I can't vouch for the commenters on his site. Sometimes they are not very family friendly]