Saturday, September 11, 2004

The AP is at it again

On the same night when Fox News Watch calls out the AP for being lazy journalists because of the "Crowd that didn't boo in West Allis" incident, the AP displays their bias once again.
(Though I must admit that aside from the "Lazy journalist" comment and the idea that they should have better checked their story, News Watch went sort of easy on the ol' AP.)

This story, titled "U.S. Servicemen React to Bush Guard Memos" was sent to me by the Ranger with this note:

No mention that the documents are fake!! Fake!! Do you get it, AP???

And he's right to be a little upset, the AP doesn't get it. Witness this paragraph:

Some who served in the National Guard say it is common practice to miss drills — even up to six months — because of job conflicts, family problems or illness.

Basically, they are skirting the issue of the "fakeness" and address the issue of missed time - which isn't an issue really if the documents making it an issue are fake. This is a tact similar to the one taken by Charles Rengel on Crossfire this week, something to the effect of "This isn't a big campaign issue, lots of people used special connections to get out of service."
No, Charles, I'm sorry, it's not a big campaign issue because it's a FAKE issue.

And there's this:
The documents, which became fodder for Democratic critics last week, indicate Bush was suspended from flying with his Texas Air National Guard unit because he missed a medical exam and that he missed six months of training. Questions have been raised about the documents' authenticity.

I never knew that forged documents that were likely forged and then passed off as news by a liberal new magazine constitute "fodder for Democratic critics." If that's the case, then I think just about everything that the Democratic Party says is fodder for their critics.

I think the AP is next on the list of news outlets who are due to lose their credibility.

Or at least they should just come out and endorse John Kerry and be done with it.