Saturday, September 04, 2004

The Continued Delusion of the Associated Press

For months now the Ranger has been bemoaning the written atrocities of the Associated Press. Well, yesterday's Powerline post was then, to him, a thing of beauty.

I think so too.

Check it out for yourself:
"The Associated Press Makes it all up"

About this fictional account by the AP:

WEST ALLIS, Wis. - President Bush (news - web sites) on Friday wished Bill Clinton (news - web sites) "best wishes for a swift and speedy recovery."
"He's is in our thoughts and prayers," Bush said at a campaign rally.
Bush's audience of thousands in West Allis, Wis., booed. Bush did nothing to stop them.
Bush offered his wishes while campaigning one day after accepting the presidential nomination at the Republican National Convention in New York. Clinton was hospitalized in New York after complaining of mild chest pain and shortness of breath. Bush recently praised Clinton when the former president went to the White House for the unveiling of his official portrait. He lauded Clinton for his knowledge, compassion and "the forward-looking spirit that Americans like in a president."

I've seen that clip umpteen times on Fox News in the last two days. No booing. None.
The AP has since removed those sentences, as Hindrocket notes, but unfortunately the AP's newsstories are contagious, especially the ones that smear the President.

Also, note Hindrocket's challenge later in the post:

This, folks, is a scandal. The blogosphere should not rest until the AP is brought to account.

Then when you are done reading, email Knight-Ridder's Seth Borenstein:
And track down Tom Hays of the AP who wrote the original piece of fiction