Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Sometimes pushy is a good thing...

I got a friendly email from a northerner, of whom I shall mention neither the name nor birth order. This email spurred me on to start a link list here on the blog.

I had big plans for it. Different sizes and fonts, various classifications (with unique group names of course) -- all the things that make blogs interesting (aside from the actual content).

But I was agonizing over all of that so much that I couldn't even get the sidebar links to work. Who knew that one quotation could be so important?

In any event, the beginning of it is there now, highlighting the blogs from which I received the most encouragement over the last year. Thank you again. I really appreciate it.
(They happen to be in reverse alphabetical order, in case you are wondering). Even if some of them aren't always current, the archives are still worth reading.

Oh, and I would provide a link to the Ranger from the North (not to be confused with the emailer from the North mentioned above)...but he hasn't started his blog yet. Start being pushy with him why don't ya?

Lastly, I had big plans to write about Russia, but my time is gone and I will have to wait. I'm praying for the citizens of that country though. I can imagine their frustration at having a leader who in the past desired to remain sensitive instead of strong in the War on Terror