Thursday, September 02, 2004

Now I have to name some names...

Because how can I say thanks otherwise?

First, thanks to the Elder at Fraters Libertas for the very kind welcome. :)

Second, thanks to Marty Johnson. You'd never know it now, but he was kind enough to leave me my first comment. And then I went to his site and saw that other commenting styles were easy to do. So I changed my comments and his comment disappeared :(
I feel bad about that, but I appreciate the sentiment.
(In the comment he also said he was a solid Bush supporter. Woo-hoo! And since he's from Minnesota, I think the Ranger from the North will really appreciate that. He really wants his home state to stand in the President's corner).
[[Hey, I just found out that his comment is still viewable in my archive of that post. Eventually I'll figure all this out. I am a physicist after all :) ]]

Third, after listening to Michael Reagan last night at the convention and then reading Marty's sidebar this morning, I think I should say a thank you to my parents as well.
Last night, Michael showed his appreciate for the pro-life and pro-adoption views of 4 people.
If you missed his speech (since it wasn't shown on the networks) Yahoo has the pre-release text of his speech here.

I was adopted too and it is, indeed, a blessing. And, being born in 1979, I had a good chance of being a Roe v. Wade victim.

I sincerely believed that God spared my life for reasons I may never understand, but I pray that He blesses my birth parents for choosing life.