Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Kerry's ideal hypothetical situation that already happened

After watching Brit Hume and the Republican convention All-stars (Barnes, Kondracke, Liasson and Kristol) fisk tonight's speeches, the biggest additional point that I would make concerns Mr. Kerry's vote against the first Gulf war.

As Brit explained tonight, President George H.W. Bush went to the UN and garnered a resolution that authorized the use of Force against Sadaam Hussein because he had invaded Kuwait and endangered the oil treasure of the world.
THEN, after getting that "permission slip" AND building a full-fledged, no-one-not-even-Mort-could-deny-it coalition, he went to the senate to put it to a vote.

And Kerry voted against it.

Now, on the face of it, this seems very Kerry. But here's the thing, he's been implying that our troops should have been deployed only after we had received UN authorization.

BUT HERE IS A CASE WHERE WE HAD IT! We HAD United Nations authorization for the use of force in 1991 and Kerry voted against it.

In all fairness, as pointed out tonight, Senators Al Gore and Joe Lieberman voted FOR that war. Good for them. But Kerry, 93% liberal, voted against it.

Sigh. Even those who want to act on UN authorization can't count on Kerry. Where can those poor folks go for solace??

My suggestion...France.