Thursday, September 02, 2004

But what about the Children??

Rush Limbaugh was just playing clips of Zell Miller's showdown with Chris Matthews last night. Apparently Zell is longing for the days when he could challenge Chris to a duel.
Now that's entertainment.

Seriously though, I missed that last night because Chris Matthews is just not something I can really handle. So I want looking for info and landed at The Corner. Always informative on so many issues, I found lots about Zell as well as this post which pointed me to Southern Appeal's run down on the lefty response.

Two things caught my eye:
1. Kos saying that "Zell can't be doing wonders for women or swing voters"
2. Atrios saying Zell is "scaring little children across the nation."

To Atrios: the kids aren't voting. And they're probably that's kind of pointless.

But Rush actually mentioned something today that addresses Kos's point. He said that mothers across the nation who saw Zell Miller would be happy and relieved that someone is feeling their anger over their concern to protect their children...and he has a point.

Ever see a mother who has just pulled her child out of the way of a speeding car? She goes from panicked to relieved to angry in less than a second. She may be angry at her child for running in to the street or something, but she's more angry at the speeding car.

Or how about a mother who comes upon her child in some sort of criminal danger? I've read many times about women who just walk right up to men with guns and knives with the attitude "You are not going to hurt my child" and just overpower them.
And then after that, they get angry.

It's the mother lion thing we've always heard about. Their anger doesn't always appear reasonable or rational. And I bet the kids are a little scared to see Mom so mad. But you know what...her anger IS reasonable. It IS reasonable for her to be mad at people who don't care about her children's safety. Moms are indeed caring and compassionate...but how many of us have seen our own mothers so mad at us because they care. That's what they say anyway, and as someone who has done an awful lot of full time childcare...I know I yell because I care.

I wouldn't get so mad at the kid who rode his skateboard in the street if I wasn't so worried about the fact that he could have died.

Democrat mothers may have felt trapped in their party's concern for tolerance and compassion toward the terrorists, but Zell Miller showed them that they can let that anger out. That it's okay to be angry with fear that your kids may not be able to go to school without becoming terrorist hostages.

But more importantly, Zell Miller showed America's mothers (and fathers) that there is someone who understands their anger, someone who wants to do something about their worry and that someone is George W. Bush.