Saturday, September 11, 2004

Looking back on 9/11

To honor 9/11 here are some words and sounds to both give us perspective current state of the country and to remember why our lives are so different and why the fight against Terror is the most important issue. 9/11 is why the world is the way it is today. We can't forget that it happened and that the suffering of that day is possible again, not only here, but all over the World. That is the importance of our national security and of our continued determination to fight against terror.

First, National Review's Rich Lowry writes about the continuing situation of unknown remains from Ground Zero.

Radio host Glenn Beck has his webpage up as it looked on 9/11 You can look at screen shots from the news that morning or listen to a free Windows Media file of his 9/11 broadcast - without commercials, but with news reports. You can stop it and pause it at will, and I think you may even be able to save it to your own computer. I've listened to less than an hour of it so far, but it's most interesting to here what the callers have to say in the midst of the situation.

Mark Steyn displays some of the articles he's written since 9.11.01. There are 4 different excerpts and it's pretty lengthy, but interesting if you have the time to read part or all of it.

Lastly, of you're looking for more articles, Real Clear Politics has some 9/11 related articles, along with other current event articles, and, if you scroll down, an important picture to remember from 9/11.

Update: Glenn Reynolds has a collection of articles as well as links to his posts for each of the last 3 September 11th's.