Friday, September 10, 2004

Battle of the Wolfs

I can hardly believe it, but even Wolf Blitzer was questioning Howard Wolfson, a senior strategist for the Democratic National Committee. Basically, Wolfson said that the President lied about his service and disobeyed a direct order, meaning that he thinks the documents are completely true and forgery is out of the question. Wolf Blitzer called him on it and said it was a strong charge and seemed to imply that Wolfson was going too far by accusing the President of lying based on documents that are probably fake.
So two key things here:
1) CNN anchor seems to be doing something to support the President
2) If a DNC senior strategist is holding the line, then I guess Dan Rather isn't so alone. But these guys will all go down together.
Also, note that I've updated this previous post.

As a side note, I just saw an anti-Bush commercial on CNN with a woman saying
"If you can't maintain your standard of living or at least close to your standard of living, No, it's not a recovery."

Uh...well, I think that depends on your standard of living. Really, I think some people expect too much...