Thursday, September 09, 2004

Too many documents make my eyes cross

In a strange turn of events, Powerline thinks that the AP may have done something right for once in reporting the possibility that CBS's National Guard documents are a forgery.

But they aren't completely off the hook as long as Tim Hays and the West Allis Duo are still on the payroll after the no-booing fiasco. Have you contacted the AP yet?

However, it's this post from Little Green Footballs that really hit close to home.
In my previous job, I spent months comparing documents. We took documents from an old word processor format, converted them to Microsoft Word, and then put the orignal and the MS Word version on top of each other to see how they compared. It was hard...and it was very rare that they ever came out exactly alike. In fact, I don't think it ever happened. At LGF, they've done the same thing with the CBS document and a document created in Word. It's a pretty exact match! I can't even begin to explain that and I can't wait to see how CBS is going to explain it.

Also, Powerline is out of control updating both the questions of the documents' authenticity and the ongoing battle with the AP. Keep yourself informed.