Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Andrew Sullivan holds down the fort...

Late Sunday night I happened upon a replay of Friday night's "Real Time with Bill Maher." I usually don't watch this, but when I turned it I saw an accented man speaking and then his name popped up "Andrew Sullivan".

I'd never seen or heard him speak before, but of course I knew about his blog, in which he even today states his mixed feelings about Bush and Kerry in this election. In either case, I have to commend him for spending a large portion of the interview supporting President Bush and VP Cheney in the midst of liberals Arianna Huffington, Jason Alexander and Bill Maher himself. I know how much Andrew disagrees with President Bush and the Republican party as a whole for their positions on marriage and family values, and he did make those clear. I understand his disagreements and I respect them. But regardless of how he votes in November, I applaud him for providing a rational, well spoken conservative voice in the midst of those who depend on talking points and gut-level dislike of the President in order to make their cases. It's welcome and refreshing. Thank you Andrew.

And, somewhat lighter political news, Hugh Hewitt recommends terms for this year's presidential debates:
Kerry is clearly the favorite in any debate, so I don't understand why the president has to accept the challenge, certainly not unless he gets a set of concessions to assure no ridiculous theater-in-the-round stuff, and Brit Hume as moderator.

Brit Hume, a good, balanced choice indeed :) Anyone who can successfully wrangle the Fox All-Stars on a daily basis should be able to prevent debate chaos