Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I suppose I've made phone calls without having something to say...

Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol weighs in on "Kerry's North Korea Non-policy." It's a great article (because it's written by Bill Kristol) and it's quite short but here are two highlights.
First, this quote from the New York Times after John Kerry called them:
"When Mr. Kerry was pressed about how he would handle the threat of a North Korean nuclear test if he was in the Oval Office, he declined to be prescriptive, other than to say that the issue would probably have to be taken to the United Nations Security Council. 'Hypothetical questions are not real...

And then, Kristol's final sentences:
"He declined to be prescriptive." Fantastic! A presidential candidate calls a reporter to highlight a topic, and then has no policy to prescribe--except going to the U.N. Security Council, three of whose five permanent members are already involved in the negotiations the Bush administration is conducting.

Does Kerry realize that he is running for president? Voters do rather like their next president to indicate what he might do. Even if it means being "prescriptive."

How much do I love Kristol's reaction of "Fantastic"? It's just great! :)