Monday, September 13, 2004

Everyone who's anyone has a bullet point list: The Rather-Kerry edition

A. For those who need a review, Hugh Hewitt has provided an asterisked list of the indications that the CBS documents are forged. It's quite comprehensive and fairly easy to understand (Hugh's not much of a tech-head, but he gets extra credit for mentioning "Occam's Razor" and then trying to explain it. :)

B.Meanwhile, in the comedy category, The Corner's Jonah Goldberg posts an email that was sent to Dan Rather. Here are the funniest (and most family friendly) parts:

Mr. Rather.
I have followed with interest your interest in historical documents, and wish to offer the following items for your consideration. They are available at a reasonable price to be negotiated later.

1. A 1972 e-mail reprimanding then Lt. George W. Bush for playing 'Halo' on his X-Box while on-duty.

2. A 1973 Excel Spreadsheet of Nixon's Enemies List.

7. Abraham Lincoln's weblog. (Including his Flame War with Stephen Douglas. Truly, a historical treasure.)

9. The PowerPoint slides used by Benjamin Franklin at the First Continental Congress.

To confirm the authenticity of these items, I refer you to a Mrs. Umaji Kwanzaa-Ujabara, the wife of the former Finance Minister of Nigeria, and an expert in the verification of historical artifacts.

B.a.Jonah's readers really are quick. They're investigating CBS's claims that they found "Ten Commandments II" It's amusing (and family-friend in its entirety) but this is my favorite paragraph:
"I would very much like to know how the Canaanites learned how to chisel such a small "th" after the "20th" commandment -- and why they didn't use that technology throughout the document," said another expert unwilling to give his name.

Speaking of asterisks, Hugh also lists some important information about Kerry's stance on foreign relations:
From Kerry's shaky comments to one reporter yesterday we can conclude that:

*he blames America for North Korea's lawlessness;

*he is afraid of the North Koreans;

*he would try and bribe North Korea;

*he doesn't believe that America can deal with multiple problems at once, but can only do so serially; and

*he wouldn't have invaded Iraq.

In that post, Hugh also discusses the sad state of the Kerry campaign for phoning in an interview to the New York Times instead of appearing on camera.

He's actually counting how long it's been since Kerry sat down with a serious journalist for an interview on TV.
(44 days in case you are wondering).
The point is that these really are Kerry's positions. Regardless of all this talk about flip-flopping, this is where he lands and this is where he will stay. I would be surprised if those who support him knew this.

Which brings me back to my worksheet project. I'll be posting some more sample questions later today, but the important thing to remember is that a reporter of a flip flopper, when well informed, is likely to flip over to the more stable and qualified candidate. In this case, George W. Bush.