Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Tuesday's Forged Document Round-up

I know, I feel like I won't stop writing about this, but I can't help it. As the Ranger said about Hurrican Ivan: 'It's eating up the news cycle.'

so, some quick hits from today:

1. Most important revelation of the evening is that apparently some of the experts consulted by CBS said that they questioned the authenticity of the documents, in fact warned CBS not to go live with them. He says now "I did not feel that [CBS] wanted to investigate it very deeply." Instapundit is shocked and quoted the article with very little comment, (other than to convey his shock).

2. Weekly Standard's Jonathan Last writes about the media and Memo-gate/Rathergate/Docu-drama with the subtitle: The liberal media-criticism establishment ignores the CBS News story--while the Washington Post delivers the coup de grace.

3. Just after reading #2, I found CBS lets down the side from Powerline (who also linked to the Last article, no big surprise there.) Here's how they introduce the post:
Tomorrow's Los Angeles Times features an editorial criticizing CBS News for letting down the liberals by publicizing a forgery--well, not so much a forgery, but an obvious forgery: "A Black Eye for CBS News"

The LA Times is quoted, and then Hindrocket says:
What outrages the L.A. Times, however, is not so much that CBS tried to perpetrate a fraud, as that it failed to help the Kerry campaign, as it intended

Indeed. It's a good post, and Hindrocket's analysis is, as usual, more insightful than the LA Times article itself.

4.James Taranto has today's round up where he talks about more than just Dan Rather. It may only be available for a day at a time, but these first two sentence are the best anyway:
How long before they start including a laugh track in the "CBS Evening News"? Each night anchor Dan Rather appears to offer an increasingly hilarious defense of his reliance on fraudulent documents for last week's abortive hit piece against President Bush.