Thursday, September 16, 2004

The rise of the "Pajamahadeen"

James Geraghty of The Kerry Spot provides a commentary to Tuesday night's report from the CBS Evening News.

It's an important piece because he points out where Dan Rather and the reporter, John Roberts, try to turn the story away from them and back to Bush by interviewing those (like Terry McAuliffe) who will continue to present untruths as facts. Roberts even implied that First Lady Laura Bush, in her radio interview, was lying.
Geraghty's response to that:
To quote ESPN's Stuart Scott, "Oh no he dint!" He "dint" just insinuate that the First Lady a liar! He "dint" just suggest there's no evidence the memos are forged. And he "dint" just throw down that gauntlet in front of the pajamahadeen! Oh, he did? You're gonna regret that one, boy.

I know I've put a lot out there recently, but read this if you have the chance because it straight shoots where CBS is trying to dive under the rock.