Thursday, September 23, 2004

Teresa essentially "Whatevers" Arizona

The Kerry Spot is laughing over this priceless exchange between Teresa Heinz Kerry and a reporter:
News Reporter: Most of the polls are tracking that Sen John Kerry as doing a better job on the economy. My question is, why hasn’t that transferred overall in the poll numbers?
Teresa: It has, of course. Of course it has.

Reporter: He’s still down.

Teresa: He’s not. Did you see the polls today? You saw Zogby and ARG —

Reporter: Yes, but he’s still down in Arizona.

Teresa: Oh, who cares? You know, one state is not a whole state. In the whole United States, he is even, even, and in some of them one point ahead, and in some one point behind.

You can see video of this exchange by going here and clicking on "Teresa Kerry talks about the campaign in Sun City."
"Priceless" indeed :)