Friday, February 18, 2005

Back to Summers

It's true that the entire transcript of the Larry Summers speech has been released, and apparently he wasn't just talking about women. He talked about the underrepresentation of Catholics, jews, and white men in various areas. It still all seems like a lot of smoke to me. Tonight, Fred Barnes and Charles Krauthammer agreed during the All-Star segment of Special Report w/Brit Hume. Fred was aghast that the university setting is apparently no longer the place for open discussion of theories and ideas. But Charles had the best comment:
THe Liberals lost the election and they're taking it out on Mr. Summers.

Heh :)

Also, at The Corner, Stanley Kurtz agrees as well.
All of these arguments can be challenged, and Summers’s admits that. But if it is illegitimate even to put this sort of argument forward, then free speech at Harvard is a thing of the past.

Way way in the past I think.