Thursday, February 10, 2005

Still Praying?

Ambra takes time out to deliver an important reminder:

It occurred to me today that no aspect of my being can comprehend the type of spiritual warfare (yeah I said it) that the President of the United States faces in his position of authority. Heading up the most powerful nation in the world (and professedly a "Christian" nation at that) is no small feat, and if we're wise and take heed to the words of 1 Timothy 2, we'd spend less time berating our leaders and more time praying for them. It'd only be to our own benefit if we did. And yes this would apply if Clinton were still in office as well. The real war in this world can't be seen with human eyes.

Back before the election I heard a lot of talk about praying through the election and also praying for the President in the midst of all that was being said about him and his family. But Ambra is right to remind us that we need to continue to pray for him and his advisors.