Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A Great End to The Amazing Race

I'll admit it I watched The Amazing Race for the first time this season because Survivor's Rob and Amber were going to be there. I wanted to see if they were for real. I wanted to see how they worked together as a couple (I had no idea they were already married). And watching it, I saw that they did a great job, they were a great team. It seemed like they had a really healthy relationship. And even though I do like them a lot, after seeing the finale last night I can genuinely say

Congratulations Uchenna and Joyce!!!!

This married couple worked very hard, benefited from others mistakes, but made some important decisions that really kept them in the race till the final three. Granted, an incredibly unbelievable decision of a pilot on the last flight to replace the walkway and reopen the airplane door to allow Uchenna and Joyce on the flight was what gave them their most important opportunity to beat Rob and Amber.

It's rare that a reality show ends with a completely satisfying winner, but it happened here. I am really happy for this couple, who really showed their heart and kindness to people all over the world. Way to go.

And...speaking of doing things for money, while waiting to see the Racers on The Early Show this morning, I saw an item about the Rolling Stones going on tour. Some anchor said something like "The band refused to answer claims that they were just in it for the money."

Huh? Yeah...of course they are touring for the money. I mean, should they be touring for exhaustion or travel debt know...the good of mankind???
They know the tour will make money, or they wouldn't be doing it. Do I think they will have fun and enjoy it? Of course. And maybe they would have done it for free or something, but why should they? It's not like people have some sort of entitlement to see the Rolling Stones in concert before they die. Way to go Rolling Stones. Tour while people still like you. Sing while they'll still buy your albums and pay for your concerts. I mean, I won't be doing either one. Probably because I'll be saving my money to buy this season of The Amazing Race when it comes out on DVD.

hee :)