Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Credit to the Ranger for sending me this headline, saying
Ahh...okay. Possibly the most ridiculous headline of the year

UNICEF Bombs Smurfs to Highlight Plight

I had missed Best of the Web's previously mentions of this first on Monday (using the term "Smurficide") and then on Tuesday saying:
An item yesterday on Unicef's Smurf snuff film stated that Belgians speak Belch. While this is the language of the French-speaking parts of Belgium, large parts of the country speak a variant of Dutch known as Phlegm. We regret the omission.

Today's edition of Best of the Web also has a contender for the "Year's Most Ridiculous Headline":

Outer Space Fish Balls Real Chinese Take-Away

I have no idea.
Even after reading the article I'm convinced some sort of punctuation is missing. Or...something...