Friday, May 05, 2006

What's the deal with Goss?

He's resigning. Any guesses why?

I'm seriously asking that question because it's been less than two years and apparently this was his dream job. I hope he's not resigning because a handful of big mouths who work for him can't keep from leaking whatever they feel like leaking to their buddies in the press.


UPDATE: Bill Kristol is predicting on FoxNews that neither President Bush nor Porter Goss wanted this to happen so "something else" must have happened to cause this "sudden resignation." And Bill Kristol is after all the star predictor.

UPDATE #2: Chris Wallace is reporting that he talked to someone who said that this was part of the "White House" shake-up. Hmm. I suppose, but...Porter Goss doesn't work in the White House.

UPDATE #3: Bill Kristol is skeptical of Chris Wallace's info. But Goler is reporting again that this is part of a shake-up. We shall see.