Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Stars, God & Romania

I just made a new blog discovery:
The Earth is Not Flat!

As I scanned down through the most recent posts, I found a post linking to an online planetarium - Stellarium. Now, true, back in college some of us mocked the planetarium and those who ran it (but we did the same to the observatory "Cancelled due to Apathy" anyone?)But I love stars just the same. Just the other night I was pointing out Orion to my mom. So give it a try. Enjoy the pretty Jupiter, with it's pretty big red spot and many moons, and if you didn't to know something else about that planet, I know a little boy that couple probably give you more than enough information.

The very next post was about Romania entering the EU. When I investigated why this was important to the blog author, I found out he is a missionary teacher in Romania. Of all places.

A short while later there's a post including images of science fiction space ships! So a blog covering Christianity, Physics, Astronomy, Romania and Star Trek? What a find :)