Monday, September 20, 2004

Reuters admits to having "slant"

...and they don't want it edited.

From Taranto's Best of the Web today:
The Reuters "news" service, a pioneer in fake-but-accurate journalism, is crying foul because editors at CanWest, a Canadian newspaper chain, have been inserting the word terrorist into Reuters stories about terrorists, the Canadian Broadcast Corp. reports:
The global managing editor for Reuters, David Schlesinger, called such changes unacceptable. He said CanWest had crossed a line from editing for style to editing the substance and slant of news from the Middle East.

"If they want to put their own judgment into it, they're free to do that, but then they shouldn't say that it's by a Reuters reporter," said Schlesinger.

Reuters' slant must not be edited! Except, of course, when it's Reuters doing the slanting. Remember the story of Deanna Wrenn,, the Charleston, W.Va., stringer whose dispatch on Jessica Lynch the "news" service turned into an anti-American screed? "I asked Reuters to remove my byline," she said. "They didn't."

Well, those who commit terrorists attacks are terrorists, and it's pretty bad when Canada, a country where some citizens are preparing a monument for "draft dodgers," is willing to call a spade a spade in this case.

UPDATE: Jeremy posted about this and his title and first few sentences are funny enough to deserve an update.
"Some Perhaps Very Unwise Choices Made by Angry Persons Who Clearly Feel Very Strongly About Certain Things About Which They Care Very Deeply"
The title of this post is just a stab at how one might use a headline to get at the truth in a non-emotive way, รก la Reuters. A sub-headline could read something like: '20 'Children' Die' or 'Captive Beheaded.' There are really no wrong answers.

Exactly. Liberal=No Wrong Answers=Lack of Moral Clarity.
Hmm...reminds me of Dennis Prager's article.