Thursday, September 30, 2004

Safe and Friendly Debate Alternatives

If you're not planning to watch the debate tonight (or your taping to watch in pieces later so as to maintain a healthy blood pressure) here's some educational reading from earlier in the week on a variety of topic. Choose by day or interest :)

Domestic Issues = Monday
Mort Kondracke discusses where the candidates on two domestic issues:
(1) How will this country afford the retirement costs of the baby boom generation? And (2) how can Americans maintain their standard of living in an increasingly competitive globalized economy?

Contemporary History = Tuesday
Voter Fraud in 2000? Not so much, according to an investigation...completed in 2001!! And yet we keep hearing about it don't we? Amazing.

Fact Checking Kerry = Thursday
That's what Bob Novak does in the Chicago Sun Times:
John Kerry in a press conference last week repeated his accusation that Gen. Eric Shinseki was ''forced out'' as U.S. Army chief of staff because he wanted more troops for Iraq. The trouble is that the Democratic presidential nominee was spreading an urban myth. The bigger trouble is that it was no isolated incident.

Finally, if you'd rather read a lot about the debate instead of having to watch it, check out the full list of links Thursday's featured Articles at RealClearPolitics. There are lots and lots from which you can choose.