Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Kerry's Brilliant Buzz Generating Strategy

In a football game, "time of possession" is an important stat. In my observation it's generally true that the team with the largest time of possession is the team that scores the more points (And, as Dan Fouts would say, the team that scores the most points wins).

One of the Democrats main complaints during the Dan Rather/Forged Memos Debacle was that the press was spending so much time talking about the font sizes and the fact that Microsoft Word didn't exist in 1972 that they didn't have any time left to talk about Senator Kerry. This was okay for me, but not so good for Kerry.

Well, now people are spending a lot of time talking about Kerry, but I don't know if it's good for him.
Fred Barnes, Mort Kondracke and Mara Liasson are regular Fox All Stars and as such, are, along with Brit Hume, some of the finest political pundits of our time. Tonight they spent 10 minutes talking about Kerry, but they weren't analyzing what he said, or anything like that. They spent those ten minutes trying to figure out what Kerry was saying! Kerry's [current] position on whether or not he would have deposed Saddam or contained him, went to war/not went to war, voted for the resolution/voted to authorize the resolution are so unclear that these guys couldn't even agree on his current position.

At the end, as Mort was trying (in vain) to decipher it one final time, one could hear Fred Barnes, off camera saying simply, "I give up."