Monday, September 27, 2004

Things that need clearing up...

*The Bush Administration is not talking about reinstating the draft.

*Swift Boat veterans for Truth is in fact a 527, but so is Whenever someone rips on the loopholes in the Campaign Finance reforms and says something like "527 organizations like Swift Boat Vets..." in a degrading tone, they need to acknowledge the millions that George Soros has been investing in for years. Remember that contest that had? Remember those commercials that were airing that bashed Bush, before Kerry was even the nominee? Well, just because you forgot, doesn't mean it didn't happen. If we shut down the Swift Vets, we have to shut down and Texans for Truth and the rest of the people who are practicing free speech.

*The Bush administration does not have a "secret plan" to financially kill the Wisconsin Dairy Farmer. I know this for two reasons:

#1: I am in the top 10% of the milk consumers in this nation. If there was a secret plan involving milk, I, as a valued milk customer, would know about it.

#2: If the President had a "secret plan," I am quite confident that John Kerry and his operatives would know nothing about it.

On these two bits of evidence I conclude not that Bush will crush the Dairy farmers, but instead that Kerry is desperate for Wisconsin's Electoral Votes and will do anything to get them. Don't give them to him Wisconsin!