Thursday, September 23, 2004

Back to Reuters...

Apparently, Reuters is not to be out done in the "Which Wire Service has the more Ridiculously Biased 'News' Stories" contest, because they just couldn't let today's AP Kerry/Allawi fiasco slip by without providing their own entry.

Remember how Reuters complained about the word "terrorist" being placed in their articles?

Well, it seems that the (not-to-be-called) terrorists are close friends of Reuters, as they show their care and concern for such terrorists with this submitted article, Bomber's stunned family has little time to grieve
Here's the problem, as reported by James Taranto, who calls the article a "weepy piece about the family that produced [a] savage":
Not a word of sympathy from Reuters about the families of the men she murdered. Meanwhile, Arutz Sheva reports that the murderer was the hostess of a children's television program, and her wealthy family owned the station on which she appeared. So much for poverty as the "root cause" of Palestinian barbarism.