Friday, September 24, 2004

On the issue of fairness...

Captain Ed calls for an apology by the Republican National Comittee after they sent "mass mailings to residents of two states warning that "liberals" seek to ban the Bible."

There's no talk at all of this happening, just like there's no plan by the Bush Administration to reinstate the draft just to clarify, as Captain Ed points out. So, the RNC should apologize. And the DNC, Kerry and his various hangers on should all apologize for spreading the draft rumor. And while were at it Captain Ed has some other apologies that should be delivered. Here are a few samples:
* Terry McAuliffe should apologize for calling President Bush "AWOL" and repeatedly asserting that Bush dishonored the country. McAuliffe has never presented a shred of evidence for those charges, and unless he does, he should apologize.

* Madeline Albright and Teresa Heinz Kerry should apologize for insinuating or outright stating that Bush already has Osama bin Laden and are holding him secretly until just before the election.

* Pat Leahy and a raft of other Democrats should apologize for calling Dick Cheney a "war profiteer" because of his sealed, blind trust that contains his deferred compensation from Halliburton. That money exists regardless of Halliburton's work, and the pay is fixed; any profits Halliburton made since the deferral have no impact on its value, and everyone knows it. Cheney lost a lot of money when he cashed out his options in his former company. It's a baseless and cowardly smear.

I would also add Senator Harkin (as I mentioned before) should apologize for running with the CBS document story. And while we're at it, has the Boston Globe apologized?

And I think that every Senator without a really really good excuse should apologize for not coming to PM Allawi's speech yesterday. That man is incredibly brave and a hero in this war against Terrorism. He deserves the respect of our country and especially the elected officials that represent its citizens.