Monday, September 27, 2004

J-Lo Strikes again

Jennifer Loven, that is, and she has a little something for everyone.

This morning, the infamous AP writer has this article: Bush's New Ads Slam Kerry's Iraq Comments.

Now before I get started on this piece of "news" has anyone seen an AP story where "Kerry" is the subject of the sentence. Something like "Kerry's Ads slam Bush's actions on Iraq" - because Kerry ads have certainly done that.

But I digress.

J-Lo Quote #1 - something incorrect
The Bush campaign is trying to portray Kerry as an indecisive candidate who shouldn't be trusted to serve as commander in chief.

No, that's not right. The Bush Campaign isn't trying to portray Kerry as indecisive, because they don't have to - Kerry is doing it for them, by, you know, talking.

J-Lo Quote #2 - something oddly placed and possible irrelevant:
In the middle of talking about Ohio's electoral votes and harping on how often Bush has been in the state, (with no mention of how Kerry never leaves!) she says:
The state's unemployment rate has risen to 6.3 percent and nearly 240,000 jobs have been lost since Bush took office in January 2001.
Relevance? Well, she's implying this is Bush's fault. She's wrong of course, as I've said before, but more importantly, people seem to know it's wrong. Even in the face of all that distressing data, data that makes it seem that Kerry thinks that whole state is about to burn to the ground, Kerry is behind in the polls, as she herself seems forced to admit:
Along with his frequent visits, Kerry is spending aggressively on television ads to court Ohio voters, but polls find him trailing Bush in the state.

And I think there is a correlation there.
The more he comes here, the more the smart, mostly employed voters of Ohio see him, the more they say, "Oh, what were we thinking by supporting him ever. Please stop coming to Ohio."
Again, I must state that I am unemployed - one of the 3.3% of college graduates who are unemployed and yet still support the President.

So that's the article. It could have been worse, but we have a lot of day left to go.

Additionally, here's an update on how the power of the people can impact the AP's liberal headline writing. (There's a bit about Ms. J-Lo in there as well.)