Saturday, September 25, 2004

Are we thinking ahead?

This morning I read Ramesh Ponnuru's National Review article "If He Wins" which reminds Conservatives of the reasons they have to worry about a Kerry Presidency. Along with the somewhat obvious concerns about the Kerry's stances on the Patriot Act and taxes, as well as the Supreme Court judges he would nominate had he the chance, there are other concerns as well:
Over the last four years, much of liberalism and the Democratic party has gone on a bender. Liberalism has produced books and movies that are rancid with paranoia, and Democrats have not just refused to condemn them but have actively celebrated them.

Hmm...reminds me of the Arab Street: Leaders refusing to condemn terrorist attacks and everyday Arabs throwing block parties when 3000 Americans are killed on 9/11.
Not a day goes by without a liberal accusation that Bush "lied," an accusation that usually turns out on inspection to be an example of liberal nitpicking.

Or just plain wrong: See Dan Rather, Boston Globe, Sen Harkin, Terry McAuliffe etc etc etc.
Well-qualified Bush nominees to the courts have been filibustered on flimsy contexts...The allegations that the 2000 election was stolen; the symbiosis that has developed between the foriegn policies of the Democratic party and those of the French government; the activist, conspiracty-inventing press: None of it should be allowed to succeed. It shouldn't be allowed to be seen to succeed, either, or we will see more of it. It is not the most important reason to vote for Bush. But it would be a reason to savor his victory.

Though I would say that it is a reason to vote for President Bush because as the DNC continues to embrace such fanaticism and paranoia, the policies it supports will begin to resemble that fanaticism and paranoia. That is something I don't want for our country

Additionally, Powerline addresses that same issue through a Bill Kristol article and then moves on to make the point that Dan Rather isn't the only "news"man we have to worry about these days by referencing Mark Steyn.
(And let me say this: If including Bill Kristol and Mark Steyn in the same post isn't enough to get you to read said post, then I might as well just through up my hands and admit defeat... :)