Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Again with the secret Plans

As an update to my assertion that there is so "secret plan" about Dairy farmers:

James Taranto agrees:
If the plan is secret, how does Kerry know about it?
And what's Kerry doing looking out for dairy farms? Didn't he say he was going to make Osama bin Laden the priority?
Yeah, I definitely think that milk is important. Very very important, and so I appreciate that Kerry plans to look out for the dairy farms. However, doesn't he plan to look out for the rest of us? Isn't that what the War on Terror is about, looking out for the safety of our country, not just our dairy supply.

And in case you thought this was the only "secret plan" Kerry's been mentioning, The Kerry Spot had a whole list of them, including:
secret plans to privatize Social Security, wage nuclear war, cut social services, manipulate oil prices to benefit the Saudis, cut VA Benefits, cut Education Funding, and send jobs overseas.

In addition to the "secret plan" about the draft which Kerry surrogates (including Rock the Vote) are touting as well.