Saturday, October 09, 2004

"Alright already! We believe you! You have a plan!!"

Is there anyone who doesn't know that John Kerry has a plan? Is there anything that John Kerry doesn't have a plan for?? Do you think if we all got together and signed a petition conceding the point about the plan, that he would stop talking about having a plan and starting talking about the actual plan?
You see, I've heard people say that John Kerry presented his plans for the future in Friday night's debate. Well, you can read the debate transcript and tell me what these "plans" are. Now, to be clear, I'm not saying that John Kerry didn't tell us that he has a plan, or several plans, I'm just saying he didn't say what they are.

So this has been nagging at me and then I saw HunterByrd posted some other thoughts about the debate here and here including this quote from one of my favorites, Mark Steyn:

WINNER: BUSH! (and whoever loaded his percolator) The unasked questions: Is there anything you can ask John Kerry that he doesn't have a plan for? Is his plan to have a plan for everything? If you ask him whether he's concerned that something might come up that he doesn't have a plan for, does he have a plan to deal with things he hasn't planned? Has he planned for the possibility that he might misplace one of his plans?

[(sidenote)OH MAN!!! as I write this, a John Kerry Commercial comes on saying that he has a "specific plan" to help the economy and that he has "big plans" for a stronger America. He says that part of this "specific plan" is to "help small businesses and not get in their way." Well, I'd say that rolling back the $200,000+ tax cuts will surely get in the way of about 900,000 small business that file as Sub-Chapter S coporations as well as those small business that do business with those 900,000 small businesses. (/sidenote)]

And, connecting the $200,000+ tax cuts and Mark Steyn, I quote from this article of his:
At Friday's debate, the Senator pledged that he wouldn't raise taxes on families earning over $200,000. Then he gazed out over the audience and said: "And looking around here, at this group here, I suspect there are only three people here who are going to be affected: the President, me, and Charlie, I'm sorry, you too," he added, chuckling clubbily with the debate moderator, big-time ABC News anchor Charles Gibson.

Well, he has a point. Bush is a millionaire, Gibson's a zillionaire, and Kerry's a multi-gazillionaire. But how can you tell by looking at people that they earn under 200 grand? And, even if you can, is it such a great idea to let 'em know they look like working stiffs and chain-store schlubs? But, when you've married two heiresses, it's kinda hard to tell where the losers with mere six-figure incomes begin: it's like the 97-year-old who calls the guys in late-middle age "sonny". In America, quite a few fairly regular families earn 200 grand and an awful lot more families hope to be in that bracket one day. And, more importantly, the sheer condescension of assuming that the room divides into the colossi of the politico-media ruling class and everyone else sums up everything that's wrong with the modern Democratic Party.