Saturday, October 16, 2004

Carefully-Chosen Heroes

I'm looking for a transcript to link for this, but I just heard a report from a Kerry Campaign Correspondent on Fox News saying that, when asked who his heroes were, John Kerry listed Christopher Reeve, Michael J. Fox and Max Cleland, saying that they were all people who overcame difficult situations.

Hmm...pretty convenient that these are 3 well known liberals that support Kerry (of course, that is presumed about Christopher Reeve, I don't actually know that he supports Kerry, except that he supports Kerrys [current] position on stem cell research.)
What about Joni Erickson Tada, quadriplegic author, radio host, ministry director?
What about Charles Krauthammer, paralyzed columnist?
What about John McCain, multiple years as a prisoner of War?

Oh...right. Those are conservatives.

To be clear, I'm not saying that there aren't reasons to cite Kerry's choices as heroes, I'm just saying that it seems to me that Kerry is exploiting their problems for his cause.