Saturday, October 16, 2004

Learning to Accept Reform

I could probably write a post about almost every Wall Street Journal opinion article from Friday's edition. But I am hesitant to do so. Thankfully, Hunterbyrd covered one of the best ones.

In the print edition, the title is "Why the Election is a Tough Call for Many Voters" which makes it sound like he author Daniel Henninger is going to give the "undecideds" an out. That's hard to believe though when you read the last paragraph:
Too bad. Amid war, terror and global economic upheaval, this election is a tough and too-sudden call for many voters. My guess is that the American electorate knows full well that the world is changing, and that come November 2, will decide the moment is now to change with it.

This implies that the choice is easier then the "undecided-panders" on the MSM news shows would like us to believe. Ironically, in this election voting for a change means voting for the Incumbent. The President actually has more plans for reform then Senator Kerry does.

The title of the online edition: "Change Is Inevitably Not Popular: Why many Americans hesitate to embrace the Bush revolution."
This title captures more of the point. We may hesitate and it may be unpopular, but embrace it we must for it is the only way America will continue to grow into the future.

UPDATE: Ranger has posted about another Opinion Journal article that speaks to Bush Reform vs. Kerry Inertia.