Wednesday, October 13, 2004

One or the Other

Hugh Hewitt has a growing list of responses to the question:
"What is the Choice on 11/2?"
The format of the answers? An "either/or" kind of thing. It's a wealth of funny-ness and hard-hitting commentary simultaneously. Here some prime examples:

Allawi in power v. Saddam in power
post 9/11 v. post-Cole
values of America at its founding v. the values of Europe today
limits on abortion v. no limits on abortion and taxpayer-funded abortions
cheeseburger v. escargot
"Let's roll" v. roll over
Thanksgiving in Baghdad v. Christmas Eve in Cambodia
Battle Hymn of the Republic v. Kumbaya
Brit Hume v. Chris Matthews
Osama running from us v. Osama coming at us
steak v. pate (Lileks)
Laura v. Theresa
bazooka v. oompaloompa
victory v. Vichy
God Bless America v. God-less America
Captain Kirk v. Colonel Klink
man's man v. tan-in-a-can
shock and awe v. hem and haw
Semper Fi v. simpering