Saturday, October 09, 2004

"Frenchmen would be involved"

That certainly got my attention. Which is why I had to quote Mark Steyn again from the article I linked in my last post:

But, on the other hand, not necessarily. That's the difference: Bush believes America needs to shape events in the world; Kerry doesn't and, even if he did, because he doesn't know how he'd want to shape them the events would end up shaping him. There would be lots of discussion. Frenchmen would be involved. And, in the end, President Kerry could claim that however things turned out was what he wanted all along because, on Saddam and Iran and North Korea and a whole lot more, who ... can say with confidence what Kerry wants anyway? How it would all turn out is anybody's guess. And on November 2 America won't be in a mood to vote for a guess.

(If you want to know what comes before the "but" you'll have to read the whole article, which is worthwhile.)

I think the involvement of Frenchmen is scary enough if you ask me. [No offense to the French, I have nothing against them, just their involvement.]