Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Not too proud to beg (or at least ask)

I just left a seminar for the Bush/Cheney 72 hour task force. I'll be manning some phones on election weekend, so if you live in NE Ohio and you get a phone call from a happy sounding Bush/Cheney volunteer, please be nice to her :)

In fact, if you live anywhere and you get any sort of phone call from a happy sounding Bush/Cheney 04 volunteer, be brief and polite. We like that :)

Now here's the thing, I'm at the library because my home keyboard died after being horrendously attacked by some milk last night :(
If anyone in the area has a key board collecting dust at their house and they are willing to donate it to an unemployed blogger, drop me an email and let me know...Please :)


Thanks much!