Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Less than honorable discharge?

There's been a lot of controversy over President Bush's discharge from the National Guard. But what about Kerry's discharge from the Navy?

OneBigSwede links a New York Sun article: "Mystery Surrounds Kerry's Navy Discharge"

UPDATE: Rainey writes in with a comment about this post. It's quite an interesting comment and here is my response:

I linked to this story because it was interesting. After the vast number of stories defaming President Bush's National Guard service over the years, I thought it only fair to link to this one single story about Senator Kerry. That doesn't mean I completely believe the story or the implied allegations contained therein, it just means I am supplying it for informational purposes. I don't consider this to be "dealing in scurrilous lies."

As to this sentence:
Can you let more Americans be sent off to fight and die if what is happening to John Kerry in America will happen to them IF they survive Iraq or Afghanistan?

Considering that John Kerry was part of the post-Vietnam anti-war movement that discouraged and insulted those that served their country proudly in that war, this is an interesting comparison to make. But even if that had never happened, I would still support that President if he committed the troops of an all-volunteer military to fight a worthy cause, and I would respect and honor those troops that did so.

Next, For the record, President Bush has said that John Kerry served honorably in Vietnam and acknowledged that Kerry's military record is in some ways more distinguished than his own. President Bush did not say anything in the above linked article and any statements he makes on the campaign trail create no more "enmity and rancor" then statements made by Kerry and Edwards in their campaign speeches or on the talk-show circuit.

This New York Sun article is interesting. That doesn't make it true and I doubt it is going to change anyone's mind about either Senator Kerry or President Bush. I certainly don't think that Bush is an "unfit leader" and even if the democrats had nominated a man like Senator Lieberman, who I find to have behaved more respectfully throughout the primary season regarding the War on Terror, I would still support President Bush as the most capable leader of our country on many different issues.

Lastly, as to prayer, I pray that God's will is done. I pray for discernment and wisdom so that we all can see the truth in information that is presented to us, including what I post here on this site. I have a "Pray the Vote" button and I wear it proudly because I think there should be prayer surrounding this election and everyone involved. I pray for the President. I pray for Senator Kerry. If Senator Kerry is elected on November 2nd, I will pray for him as President and respect him and his position of authority in this country.