Saturday, October 16, 2004

Legitimate Factors in the "Pro" Column

When I started this blog, I said that I was working on a project to convince marginal supporters of Kerry that President Bush was the candidate who actually represented their views. I haven't exactly don't that in the direct way that I imagined, but I hope that I have managed to do it indirectly over these last two months. In either case, I think it is always important to remind people of the exact reasons why our President is more than worthy of re-election. To that end, Shawna has linked to Mark's great post on Sidesspot: "Why I am voting for President Bush." He covers the important issues of Leadership, Character, Core Values, Vision and the President's Team.
This is his conclusion:
As the election draws to a close, the case is clear. President Bush has ably led this country for the past four years. Has he made mistakes. He is a human. However, he has demonstrated the leadership and vision that will be necessary to face our challenges. This is an inflection point in our history. We can choose to continue on a path that will solve problems, or we can choose to go back to the tired old policies of the past--policies that did nothing to prevent September 11. We cannot let down our guard. We cannot afford to go with unproved leadership.

We need to re-elect George Bush in November.

Meanwhile, Shawna herself plans to attempt to understand why there are "Anybody but Bush people." I'm interested in this because I'm wondering if the "anybody but Bush" people were really that way before Kerry became the presumptive Democratic Nominee, or if they just became that way after they found out they were stuck with him as their alternative.