Friday, October 01, 2004

Not so fast Dan, we haven't forgotten...

Just to be sure that all this debate talk doesn't create too much of a "grand diversion," here's this Victor Davis Hanson piece from last week:
Dan Rather and Liberal Hypocrisy: A bankrupt generation is falling away. This is, after all, a multi-pronged political war, you know?
Dan Rather's initial, furious street-side defense of an amateurish forgery — smug, huffy, self-righteous — brings to mind one of those bad movies about the Paris barricades, especially the grainy, black-and-white shots of powdered and wigged aristocrats on their way to the Guillotine, yelling out of their carriages at pitchfork-carrying peasants.

Worse than being duped, worse than cobbling together a highly politicized hit-piece during a war and in the waning days of an election, worse than the shady nature of the "unimpeachable" sources and the likely sordid origins of the story, and worse even than the pathetic nature of CBS's "expert" witnesses — worse than all that was Rather's ten-day denial of reality, culminating in the surreal half-admission that the phony documents could not be verified as accurate. That's the equivalent of saying that a corpse cannot be proven to be alive.