Saturday, November 06, 2004

Color Schemes

My friend Dasani Canon, really loves the USA Today County Map with red and blue election day results. I like the map too. And I liked it in 2000. This time around, I feel that it gets at the heart of why President Bush's grassroots support is to vital. He doesn't hold the majority of support in the big cities where it would be cake to gather the troops to come to a phone bank or go door-knocking. Instead we must work in less populated areas and involve more people who will do just one or two shifts over the entire weekend.

All that being said, Rick Brady at Stones Cry Out has rounded up some interesting analysis of why we should be careful of the bold red and blue map. It's an important perspective to consider and we do need to be careful how much stock with put in such a map.

Rick also mentions that a map with red and blue precincts would get the message across more fully. I've thought about that too, but I thought it would be too logistically difficult to product. But I don't have a GIS background like Rick does, so I could easily be wrong :)

So, while I agree we have to be careful how much we depend on such a map, I think that it is helpful in showing the Republicans the general areas in which they have a majority of the support and the general areas in which they don't.