Friday, November 19, 2004

Misguided French Soldiers

I thought that French soldiers were unavailable. That Jacques Chirac wasn't going to provide any. I thought the French were against fighting in Iraq.

Apparently on some level they still are. They don't want to just fight in Iraq, they want to fight for Iraq!!

Captain's Quarters comments on the BBC report about Frenchmen who have died fighting with the insurgents in Iraq. Yes, that's right. Fighting against the Coalition forces.

Unbelievable. And yet...I totally believe it.

UPDATE: DarnFloor has some additional thoughts on this, regarding aid workers and treason -
Although the French military never joined the coalition, are there any French aid workers or other French civilians assisting the coalition in Iraq? Might they be killed by their own countrymen? What laws do the French have about such things, if any?

We can assume that if American citizens were captured in Iraq fighting alongside the terrorists, we would charge them with treason. But what are the laws regarding American citizens joining a foreign war where the US isn't involved?

(I seem to recall that some Americans fought for France or England in WWII (or WWI?) before the US officially became involved. But I haven't time to look that up right now. Anyone?)

That's interesting. I think he's right about the treason, but I don't know what the deal is with American Citizens - pre-US involvement. Hopefully someone informed will comment, but I would guess that there would be some considerations of American Allies, interests, etc.